Our team members had the privilege to went inside and tour around Google Singapore Office, which is also the Google Asia Pacific Headquarter! So expect it to be BIG, FUN, and you know… GOOGLE!

Just in case you are wondering, the Google Singapore office is located in Mapletree Business City, 70 Pasir Panjang Rd, #03-71, Singapore 117371.

First of all, huge thanks and shoutout to Maria from Google for showing us around. Now we know why Google is, truly, the dream office, and soon you will too! Let’s jump right into the exciting part, shall we?


5 Fun Facts Inside Google Office in Singapore:

1. MRT Stations Inside Office

Their office is HUGE. No wonder they need more than just numbers to name different floors, areas, and rooms. As seen in the GIF above, Google Singapore office used the name of MRT Stations to name different areas. How creative is that! So in Google, conversations may go:

A: “Hey, where are you sitting today?”

B: “Oh I’ll be in Novena if you wanna find me!”

A: “Be there in 5, I’m coming from Rochor.”

2. Salon & Spa Area

We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher in our own “to do list”
– Michelle Obama

Ladies and gentlemen, pampering yourself are KEY. Google Singapore office provides its employees with free salon and spa services, inside the office. If only pictures can capture the scent of Google’s salon and spa room… For once you will forget that you are in your workplace!

3. The New Ben & Jerry’s

Following up from the previous point, Google is not only pampering its employees from the outside, but also from the inside. Google’s office used to be famous for its unlimited supply of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

During our visit, from what our team members’ sight could catch, all we saw were fruits, granolas, pistachios, and coffee everywhere. Disappointed? As guests, maybe a bit HAHA. We were so ready for Ben & Jerry’s. However, that’s how you know if your company is taking good care of you. Fruits are the new Ben & Jerry’s!

4. Fancy Dining, Everyday

The Google Singapore officehas a team of talented chefs to prepare meals for everyone, every day. Range of options available as well, from burger stalls, local food, Mexican, and many more. The picture above is Google Singapore office’s biggest dining hall. Plating and table are well set. So basically, you can have breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a fancy manner, every day. This depends on how much do you love your office. Maria, our consultant from Google said:

“I think it is a bit sad to have all 3 meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner, in your office everyday. An office will still be an office, this is where I work. I will need a life outside my work place too”

5. Bali-Vibe Workspace

“Googlers can choose the workspace that best suits their style or the tasks they need to focus on just for that moment,” a Google spokesperson told CNBC. They do have their own office desk but are also facilitated with more spaces to suit their likings.

For example, there is a more relax, Bali vibe working space (as shown in the GIF above) outside the salon and spa area. An instagrammable spot with direct sunlight, decorated with plants, just perfect for those nature-lovers.

End of Google Singapore Office Tour

Our members shared some interesting and useful lesson after their visit to the Google office in Singapore. This could be helpful to small business owners, HRs, and well, anyone who wants to improve their working environment:

  1. A work place could and should be fun. Office is where your employees will spend half of their day in. It could be an enjoyable place to be in! Companies don’t necessarily have to be providing them with salon & spa services. It could be as simple as providing free coffee and tea or healthy snacks.
  2. Investing in employees = worth it! This will improve employees retention and attract potential employees to work with you. If you treat your employees well, it will be a word-of-mouth marketing for your business. Happy employees are tend to share positive feedback regarding their experience to people around them.

PS: We also went to the Accounting and Finance Show 2019 in the same week. It is Asia’s largest free to attend accounting and finance even, held in Suntec Convention Cente. Click HERE to read what we learned during the event.

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